Fast & Knowledgeable

I will always do my best to respond as soon as possible! Work will be carried out to suit your timeframe!

Every job I complete comes with support, if you have an addon that conflicts with something I made, that is not my problem, if you break something yourself, that is not my problem. I will fix any errors in my code, nothing outwith that, please note I will never work with/on leaked addons under any circumstances.

Jobs are always completed to the highest standard, with all design jobs you will always receive the source files should you wish to make any alterations, if you do not know how to do this yourself you can always contact me to make alterations! All code will be laid out neatly and configurable so you can make any adjustments you may need yourself!


Front-End Design & Development

Make your website stand out from the crowd!

Having a huge graphics background & so-so knowledge of HTML & CSS I possess the skills required to create a beautiful website for your community, business, or profile! Get in contact today to discuss what you require!


gLua Development

Make your server stand out! Use custom addons & assets!

Having a great understanding of Garry's Mod Lua gives me the ability to provide customers with great quality addons, free of exploits, neatly coded and highly configurable, giving your server that special touch has never been easier, just get in contact and we'll work something out!



Take a look at some of my most recent work!


MetroPrint Public Addon ReleaseClick to download


AGC Gaming Logo DesignPersonal Community


AGC Gaming Minigames HUDPrivate

    Please note this is a very small amount of my work, I have done so, so much more!
    Should you wish to see any more, get in touch!

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